The Three Big Ideas Learning Hour

An inspirational film and keynote talks about how to compete and win.

This one-hour documentary film and related keynote talks review concepts presented in the three best-selling business achievement books of the last 30 years,i.e., The Three Big Ideas - -

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The program is an excellent way to acquaint all employees, especially those who may not have been exposed to the books, with core concepts that drive peak performance.  Here is a page of reviews from organizations where this material was the basis for a keynote talk.

Principles for success come alive in stories aimed at helping organizations manage through and beyond the recession. Also introduced is The Next Big Idea -- how to catch the green wave by building competitive strategy around sustainability.

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Video Cases and Lessons Include 

Innovation, Customer Service, Apple, Southwest Airlines, Close to the Customer, Coca-Cola, Intuit, GE, The 7 Habits, Santa Barbara Zoo, The Stockdale Paradox, Productivity through People, Whole Foods Market, Baptist Health Care, Tennant Company, Sustainability, Stew Leonard's Dairy, Teamwork, The Hedgehog Concept, Excellence, The Discipline to Say "No", and other keys to sustained high achievement

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